Word count tips & tricks

Here's my list so far:

  • write out numbers, just in case the validators don't like 'em ("twenty" instead of "20")
  • no apostrophe shortenings ("do not" instead of "don't", "I am" instead of "I'm")
  • long names ("Delacroix" is one word - "de la Croix" is three! ;))
  • chapter titles (instead of "Chapter One", it could be "Chapter One: Once upon a time or This is where the story begins")
  • ramble - you can make the text and sentences look all pretty in the editing stages instead
  • use more words than you need, such as a "death cloak" can be a "cloak of death", and someone who's "pregnant" is instead "with child" (okay, that one works best if your story is set in the past)