NaNoWriMo 2007 - Day 11

Word count: 17,932
Target word count: 18,337
Days to go: 19

Welcome to week two, also known as the "oh shit" week. I get what they mean by that. Lagging behind for the first time now. Mainly because I didn't end up writing anything last night and because of that, I was only 22 words ahead from what I had written on day 9. On the plus side, the official word count validator is now online.

Here's a comparison:

Microsoft Word: 16,692 words
OpenOffice Writer: 16,703 words
NaNo validator: 16,718 words

See? +26 words from the program I'm writing it in! Me likes the validator! :D

Also, I seem to have come up with a better working title than "Moo". Behold:

The Phantom Crystal

Even though I'm behind, I have to finish for tonight. My head hurts and I have work in the morning.