This page was last updated: 13 July 2017

The name "Notepad Narnia" is a Russell Howard reference. He's not just a brilliant British comedian and a fellow Harry Potter fan, he also loves getting new notepads and once said that the stationary section of a supermarket is an amazing and magical place, a sort of - you guessed it - notepad Narnia. That's exactly how I feel!

What is this blog about?

Who knows? It's the blog I've been writing in the longest, although I've never been using it very frequently. At all. In the past, there have been things about working in a tech support callcentre (mostly how much I hated it), and all manner of things. Just random notes without any particular purpose, just your general "days in my life" type stuff. Might be interesting to read if you like that sort of thing. If you don't, then probably not.

Going forward, I want to use it as a place to try and sort through my head a bit. There are so many things constantly on my mind - because that's what it's like to be a highly sensitive introvert. Because I'm one of those (and I have come to realise just how much of my life that actually affects), I'm not the most brilliant of conversationalists; in fact, you might say I'm the quiet type.

I do write an awful lot though, and it's a way to sift through thoughts and feelings and make sense of them. Partly, I just love to write and always have (which would be why I love stationary - if you're ever stuck for a gift, just give me a cheap notepad and a pen and it'll be cherished as the bestest present ever), and partly, I would love to be an author - if I can ever write something coherent enough, and long enough, and based on a good enough idea. Every bit of writing is practice. Every bit of re-writing doubly so.

Also, blogging is like free counselling. Not for nowt I find psychology interesting.

Maybe this blog will have bits of creative writing in, although I'll probably just put that on Wattpad.

Maybe this blog will be completely ignored by most people. I'm totally cool with that. More than cool, actually, I'd prefer it that way.

There will be posts about cats, though, I can tell you that.

If you can relate to any or all of the following, maybe it can make you rest just a little bit easier knowing that there is at least one more person like you out there:

  • Introvert
  • Highly Sensitive Person/HSP
  • Dyscalculia (not to a severe degree, just to the point where it's annoying)
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder/SAD (thanks, mum!)
  • Lipoedema #NotOurFault
  • Generalised anxiety
  • Hypothyroidism type 2 (the one that doesn't show up on blood tests - so much fun)
  • Childfree
  • "Goddamn tree-huggin' hippie"
  • Pan-atheist secular neo-Pagan spiritualist :D
  • Mother of Cats

Oh, and I also might be posting snarky email replies, because we all love a bit of Schadenfreude.

Who am I?

If you didn't see anything from the above or indeed, from any of the existing posts, I'm a female who was born in Sweden in '82 and who moved to Nottingham in the UK in '04, where I'm married to a wonderful English husband (who might or might not be referred to as Mr T) and since June 2003, I've been accompanied by wonderfully fluffy lady cat (who sadly passed away in 2014), and in December 2012, the family extended to also include a couple of extremely cuddly boys.

When I'm not writing, self-reflecting or working as a web administrator/analyst/designer, graphic designer and co-director of a small company, I love to read and watch movies. I'm extremely partial to Sam Neill, Ken Olin, Modern Talking, traditional Irish folk music, Douglas Adams, 19th century literature and I fangirl Richard Armitage (the British actor, not the US politician) and Jane Eyre like there's no tomorrow. Not on this blog, though. There's a time and place for everything and this blog ain't it, nor is it meant to be. In fact, that's why I set up an entertainment blog specifically, which is posted in regularly and everything. (Hint: It's linked on my profile.)

I'm also an ACT2 certified animal communicator, a lapsed Reiki practitioner, a crystal/rock/mineral collector, a past-life regression enthusiast, and oh, I make wood wands because it's good fun. If you want one, I sell them on Etsy, because if I didn't, we'd eventually run out of space in the house.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care now and have a good day. :)

P.S. If you feel compelled to get in touch, you can drop me a line at blog (at) traxy (dot) co (dot) uk at your peril, because you probably won't get a reply - and if you do, it will be years later. Posting a comment on a blog post is more likely to result in a reply, but there are no guarantees.