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Do we really WANT to trade with the US post-Brexit?

Sure, Britain can trade more with the US after Brexit ... but do we REALLY want to? This is a list of demands that US lobby groups want Britain to subject itself to. How many will end up in an actual trade deal? Even one of these (arguably, some are way worse than others) is one too many, frankly.

Stopping beef farming subsidies would kill UK beef farmers, so the option would be cheap US beef - full of growth hormones and antibiotics, from cows that have lived miserable lives. Pork? With growth hormones, antibiotics and worms? Oh, but you're vegetarian? Yeah, it's not great on the veg front either. In general US food safety standards are poor compared to what the UK currently has (much thanks to the EU, as it happens).

NHS is hit by a few of these demands. The one where companies can sue the state? It means a US company could sue Britain for causing "unfair advantage" ... like having a tax-funded free healthcare service.

The Japanese are waiting for Brexit to negotia…

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