The ULTIMATE Italian pizza

Even though I have a tendency to point out the limits of the pizza toppings in Britain, and praise the tastiness and variety of Swedish pizzas (only Swedes would put Bearnaise sauce on their pizzas... Swedish folk have a bizarre obsession with that sauce!)... but I must admit that I have never seen a Swedish pizza with a spaghetti bolognese topping. Sure, there are plenty with the bolognese sauce... none that feature the actual spaghetti as well!

The first time I came across it was in Koblenz (in Germany - go look it up). It was December 2001, after the Modern Talking fanclubparty, and we wanted to go somewhere to eat. We settled on the restaurant next to Hotel Höhmann on Bahnhofsplatz, where on the menu they had "Spaghetti Pizza". It was so crazy I just had to have one! A pizza with spaghetti on - the ultimate Italian pizza, surely! Very tasty it was too. Incidentally, this was a restaurant which had a menu in English, which was a nice touch.

And today, a pizzeria in Beeston sported one on their menu! Of course, I had to try it! I think the one I had in Koblenz had a bit more meat in the sauce, but it was still quite nice. :) More people should try spag bol pizzas. Maybe I should make one if we have some left over spag bol next time!

Oh, and this has taken some time to write, because trying to find out the name of the hotel, I ended up joining ...and spent some time writing a few hotel reviews. :look

As I still don't know when we'll be getting home tonight, I'll go back to writing my novel. Only written 375 words today, and I want to have a lot more done until tomorrow.