NaNoWriMo 2007 - Day 24

Word count: 40,239 (40,297 validated)
Target word count: 40,008
Days to go: 6

Still on target and slightly ahead! Mind you, it's 1am now so it's not like it's an early night, or anything. Once I got down to it, it was pretty quick to get those last 1300 words I needed. It would be silly to leave it and go into a deficit again when I've finally managed to get ahead.

I've broken the 40k barrier! 9761 words to go in six days. I'd say that's doable. The fact that my novel isn't about a terrible lot of things and probably not that interesting for anyone except myself is beside the point. My Word file is over 90 pages long now. I've never had a document that long, containing only a story I had written myself. Which makes me feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside to think that I have made something. :) After all these years of wanting to write a book and become an author, well, at least I seem to have written a book! To call myself an author would be pushing it, though. Perhaps if I can work on it so that it DOES become an interesting story for other people to read, THEN we can start discussing adding new job titles.

Wow. NaNo is actually perfectly doable. Even if you are working full time. Without losing too much sleep. Do need to hoover quite badly, though, and do other bits and bobs, but once NaNo is out of the way, there will be plenty of time for Xmas cleaning and decorating and all that nice Decembery stuff. Like switching to the Xmas blog template... :B Hehe. Oh, maybe I ought to do a template for November that is less frosty leaves and more writing books? But then I should also make one for June which is more about writing screenplays. So much to consider! But I'm going to sleep on it now.

Because tomorrow, I'm looking forward to writing about what it's like to have food and lodging in a mythological place. I'm thinking underground. Which should make one of my characters freak out... hrm. Didn't think of that. We'll see what happens. 'Night!