NaNoWriMo 2007 - Day 12

Word count: 22,225
Target word count: 20,004
Days to go: 18

Today has been a good day for writing. 4293 words in total, flowed very well. :) And I liked writing it as well. Now I have to find eight or so other past life memories to build on. But this one worked out pretty well... although it was "inspired by", I would say, rather than built on what actually happened. Or at least so I think. Haven't really researched that particular one properly.

But hey, I got over the deficit from yesterday, and added a nice lead, so that's good. And I've gone over the 20k mark and am heading toward the mid-point. Timewise, mid-point is in a couple of days, so... hopefully I'll beat it ahead of time.

In other news, finally received my CSS book today. Yay!