NaNoWriMo 2007 - Day 28

Word count: 47,343 (47,407 validated)
Target word count: 46,676
Days to go: 2
Words left to write: 2657

Slow day. :/ At least I'm ahead some. Two days to go, and if I don't write at least 50k worth of words, I don't get a tshirt as a reward. Bleh.

Because I bought a tshirt after I finished Script Frenzy as a reward for having completed it. Thus, if I complete NaNo 2007, "I wrote a novel and all I got was this shiny tshirt"... ;) So no win - no tshirt. And a tshirt would be nice.

I think, tomorrow I will write about them getting back to the real world. I suppose. They're in a library at the moment.