NaNoWriMo 2007 - Day 7

Word count: 13,573
Target word count: 11,669
Days to go: 23
Chapters: 5
Characters: 4

All the main characters, at least the ones I planned to begin with, have now been transported to Moo Moo Land. The boys have met each other, as have the girls, and they are heading in each other's direction so they can all meet.

I'm quite amazed at the word count, to be honest. I mean... When I wrote the story for "Acting Out", it only came to 12,574 words. Not the original story I wrote down on paper in December of 2003, but the one where I had added scenes and descriptions while typing it down on a computer. 12.5k words from beginning to end, and I was a bit stuck as to what to fill it out with, as it was way too short for anything. It was turned into a screenplay (see blog entries for June 2007) for Script Frenzy, totalling 20,064 words.

And here I am, with a story written (realistically) in less time, but with more words. And it has almost not even started yet! Oh yes, not to mention the fact that I've been busy away from home all week as well.

I suppose, as this is day 7, tomorrow it'll be the dreaded Second Week, which I've heard so much about. We'll see how that goes. Hopefully, it will be well and I'll march along fine. :)

Tricks of the trade: Abolish any two-word combinations shortened with an apostrophe! Why write "don't" or "I'm" or "isn't" when you can write the same thing in twice the amount of words? "Do not", "I am" and "is not" is a handy way of getting free words! Also, don't write numbers unless you have to. Someone who is 10 years old can be "ten years old" instead, ensuring the number is counted by both your own word processor as well as the NaNo validator.