NaNoWriMo 2007 - Day 2

Day 2
Word count: 5111
Target word count: 3334
Days to go: 28

Novel: "Moo" (working title)
Category: Religious, Spiritual & New Age

It's a story about a bunch of Indigos who end up in a different world, where they learn stuff about themselves and the world. A little bit like Narnia, but without Jesus and turkish delight. Actually, a lot different from Narnia. The only similarity is the whole "ending up in a different world" bit. I think the "His Dark Materials" trilogy by Philip Pullman is a closer comparison, and it's still not the same thing. I suppose if you mix Narnia and His Dark Materials with "The Celestine Prophecy" (James Redfield) and "Conversations With God" (Neale Donald Walsh), you're getting there. Kind of. I don't know, so far I've only written about a girl who discovers there's more to her cat than cuteness and a boy who eats chips. The other world is pretty far away yet. Plus I still need to figure out how they get there.