Script Frenzy! - Day 7

Current word count: 6568
Days until fade-out: 23

The program says I'm 32 minutes into the script. Huh. I'm just getting to a huge turning point, and that is in no way after a mere half hour into the film! But, on the other hand, they meet on page 3, go on a date on page 10... That's just not good enough! Although, right now, the task is to transfer the 20-page story into a script first of all, and once I've done that, start filling in all the blanks. Such as the beginning. I mean, sure, for him, it's love at first sight. For her, he's just some actor. A considerably older actor to boot. So she's got to be a lot harder to get than just " 'Hi, I fancy you, can I take you to dinner?' - 'Sure.' - 'You're the love of my life.' - 'I love you too! Let's live happily ever after!' " ...I mean, wtf?!

Here's how it's gonna work:
1. Transfer rest of story to script.
2. Check word count - unlikely having reached 20k. (The story is 20 A4 pages, 12k-ish words.)
3. Fill in blanks to make up 20k.
4. Celebrate having completed Script Frenzy! 2007.
5. Edit.
6. Edit again.
7. More editing.
8. Rewrite a lot.
9. Edit some more.
10. Get a company like Working Title to buy the script and make it into a great movie.

Aim high! )In the words of Dieter Bohlen: You can win if you want, anything is possible.)

P.S. Angfiel, if you're reading this: WHEN this movie gets made, if Alan Rickman gets the part of the Male Main Character... by then I'll have got decent money for the script and will get you a plane ticket to come and join me on the set so you can meet him IRL. (The catch is, you gotta read the script and hack it to pieces with constuctive criticism in the editing stages.) How's that? ;)


  1. What do you mean IF? You will have to blackmail him into getting it! You can get Sweet to direct it for you and we can all be gooey about hom all day long :P But I get to have naughty kinky sex with him because I'm the only one who's not his boss in some way... ME LIKE! *kiss on the belly*


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