Script Frenzy! - Day 26

Current word count: 16,760
Words left: 3240
Days until fade-out: 4

Everything has been transferred from the story. Now I'm at the stage where I have to think of new scenes to put in, and that's proving to be a bit tricky. "Tricky" meaning "AARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Okay, perhaps not that much. I've identified Act 3, but still don't know where Act 1 finishes and Act 2 begins.

I've added a scene in a bookstore, in a country village, MMC's first lesson, and a scene that explains FMC to have a bit of a thing for older men. But I need more. Have asked around on the Script Frenzy forums and have got some suggestions there, as well as in the newly formed Order of Merlin (Merlinordern) in the SH forum, which is a writing circle like The Circle of Prophets (Profeternas Cirkel) once were in VVT. Got some input there too, which is good.

I do feel slightly stressed now, and there's only four days to go. Okay, I only have to write 810 words per day now, but I want to finish ahead of schedule. I just need some more scenes.

Not sure there will be a Script Frenzy next year, as they need $120,000 to break even. That's a lot of money. And so far, they've only got a bit over $21k. Would love to donate some, but am very short of cash right now. Would be fun to participate in another Script Frenzy (dunno about NaNoWriMo in November... scripts are more my thing), as I've got several ideas for other scrips I want to write, but if there's no official Script Frenzy next year, I guess I'll just have to pretend there is one next June. Or just start writing scripts anyway, but not the "I have to get to 20k words in 30 days" thing. We'll see.