Return to DDO weekend

Returned to DDO for three days last weekend. Was supposed to be extended to Tuesday, but couldn't log in on Monday morning. :( Spent Sunday night questing with my Bard, and did part 1 and 2 of Waterworks, which got her to level 3. It was +50%xp during the weekend, which helped.

Since then, I've had a bit of a look on the DDO forums, and have finally managed to do that Bartle test I've heard about.

The Bartle Test
: Achiever 46.67%, Explorer 80.00%, Killer 33.33%, Socializer 40.00%
EASK players often live by the phrase 'The journey is often more enjoyable than the destination.' They are motivated by meeting the challenges of the world, but they are usually in no rush--because seeing the creatures and places of the world is even more fun.

Online Gamer Playstyle Survey
Based on your answers, you are Supporter-Organizer.
This combination is also referred to as the Impresario playstyle. You provide a foundation for other players to enjoy the game. You tend to help other people achieve their goals before you do things for yourself, hoping to reap later rewards in the form of loyalty and dedication to growing a guild or clan.