Script Frenzy! - Day 10

Current word count: 7881
Days until fade-out: 20

I've found her, the female main character! The male lead I, as have already been established, picture as Sam Neill or Alan Rickman. The female one I couldn't quite decide on which one. Then, last night, we watched "Doctor Who" on BBC1, and there she was. The character of Sally Sparrow, being clever and cheeky and all that kind of stuff just made me think of my FMC. The actress is the beautiful Carey Mulligan (Kitty in "Pride & Prejudice" from 2005). So she's born in 1985, but then again, so is Keira Knightley. Romola Garai is born in 1982, just a couple of weeks before me, and she would be a good FMC, I think. Yet Carey Mulligan... bingo! Perfect. <3

"Yeah. 'Sir, how come your characters
never seem to get the girl?' Brilliant. Sure
he would love that question."