Script Frenzy! - Day 27

Current word count: 18,431
Words left: 1569
Days until fade-out: 3

Written about 1600 words today. Have just as many to write tomorrow and then I'm done. A couple of days ahead of schedule! That will feel good.

Today, I got out "Writing Your Screenplay" by Cynthia Whitcomb, which I bought a couple of years ago or something like that. It will be my guiding light when it comes to the editing process, which will ensue once Script Frenzy is done.

Today I was struck by the horrible realisation that there isn't a lot of character development in the story. That's pretty bad. So the scenes I've written today, I've put in some self-esteem issues, which they can overcome in the end.

Also, a 25-year-ish gap in a couple can work IRL. To date, it seems to still be working quite well for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and they've been married 7 years now. And they seem to be genuinely in love, so there! Not every young woman is a golddigger, nor is every older man a perv. (Some people would argue that in relation to Mr. Douglas, I bet, but shush you. :P)