Script Frenzy! - Day 29

Days until fade-out: 1

Well, decided I wasn't going to go to bed until I finished. So I did. Still feels like scenes are missing, but on the other hand... I was watching "Notting Hill" earlier. Unfortunately, a Scandinavian release, so no director's commentary (during SF, I've been watching "Love Actually" and "Wimbledon" with director's commentary). Found the script, though. It was 17k-ish words. At the point I was earlier tonight, I still had more than that. Now I've breeched 20k! \o/ I did it!

Then comes the polishing and stuff. But hey, I made it! And it's a day to go! (Two days, technically, as it's only just turned Friday an hour and a half ago.) Happy now.

Total word count: 20,064

Script Frenzy 2007 winner


  1. Squeee Grattis :) Se nu till att fila på det, sälja det för miljoner, casta Alan Rickman och bjuda mig på biljett till England :p


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