Script Frenzy! - Day 1

So far, I have 614 words (667 being the daily total one would have to do to reach 20k in 30 days), and I'm only like 2 minutes into the film according to the program I'm using. On the other hand, it wouldn't be two minutes in on screen, as you require some establishing shots and things like that.

I settled for a story I've written and that I've been meaning to turn into a script. After all, it's about two actors, so what would be more fitting than making a script of it? It's a romantic comedy, inspired by a dream I had in mid-December 2003. The one that turned me into a SamNeilloholic, incidentally.

Even made a poster. Not with any actor names on, because I don't know who'd fit as the woman, and I have two suggestions for the man (yes, Sam Neill is one of them :P).

I started with looking for pics of Sam, and even though I have a truckload, I couldn't find one that would be good as a poster for this film, and also, the only woman of the right age for the female lead that I seemed to have pictures of with Sam (erm, because I couldn't be bothered to google for actress pics), was Keira Knightley, and that's not quite who I had in mind. Although, I'm kinda warming up to her after PotC3. (Oh, which I'll have to write about separately. Pirates 3, that is. W00t!) Also, the behind-the-scenes interview with her on the "Dr. Zhivago" DVD... gotta love her for that. She talks about Sam Neill and gets as starry-eyed and giggly as a love-struck SNeill listee, which is great fun to watch. You're welcome to the official mailing list any time, girl! ;)

Time to back to the writing.