Script Frenzy! - Day 5

Current word count: 4761
Days until fade-out: 25

So far: They've met. They've been on a date. There's even been a sex scene! And morning after angst. And the Quirky Friend has just been introduced.

According to Ten Must-Haves in Any Romantic Comedy there are certain things most RomComs have in common. It's a good list. Without even making an efford, my story will have 7 out of 10. The "Older Perverted Relative" can be added, and I'm sure we can have a proper "Wedding/Dance/Party scene" as well. The "One Hit Wonders"... well, I'm not familiar with exactly what Burt Bacharach has written, but I do like a bit of Motown, so +2! All the rest of the points I have, so yay!

To quote the Script Frenzy Romance/Romantic Comedy forum:

1. Check. Rich celebrity vs poor drama student.
2. Check. Drama school.
3. Check. There's one of those, except not just yet.
4. Check. She's a bit of a hippie.
5. Don't have one of those, so good point, must add one.
6. Don't know what Burt Bacharach has made specifically, but I'm sure we get some Motown in there. I like Motown!
7. Check. There is a cat.
8. Hmm. That could be arranged.
9. Check.
10. Check. But of course!

I could so do script-writing for a living. It's awesome. <3