Return of the Finepix

Happy Birthday, Maria! Just a shame I couldn't be there to greet you in person. :(

I'm not joking! As I was putting my clothes on this morning, there was a knock on the door. It was the postman, with a package for me. The camera! I only sent it Monday, now it's Thursday and it's back! I opened it to check what I had got - no, it was not a new camera. It would appear to be the same one I sent to them.

Attached was a printed note, saying:

"Dear Customer

We would advise that we have now repaired your camera and restored it to full working order with our compliments.

We wish you every success with your future photographic endeavours.

Yours faithfully


It's a strangely worded letter. I mean, they "would advise" that they've fixed it? รด_o Shouldn't it just be "we have now repaired your camera" or "we would advise you to take better care of your camera"? It just sounds strange. Secondly, "with our compliments" is slightly weird as well. They've repaired it, yes. With compliments? Err... Isn't "with compliments" something you'd say when you have done something out of good will? It's not good will to provide the service you pay them for. This is a manufacturing fault that has been repaired because I have an extended warranty policy covering it! "With compliments" would've made more sense had I sent it in, claiming it's had the problem since day 1 (which it has) and even though it's outside of manufacturer's warranty, they've been kind enough to fix it. That's what "with compliments" mean.

Either way, it doesn't matter, because they've returned it surprisingly quickly and I have taken some pictures of Daisy and the garden to test it (+ to send home to me folks), and yes, it does work. There is no white dot at 300 x 667 pixles anymore. There were a couple on two of the photos, but in different places to where it's been previously, but I guess then sometimes it can have them temporarily? *shrugs*

Thought I'd share one of the pictures I took, because she's such a preetti keetti. The look on her face is because the camera was making it's default beeping noises (and my oh my, it beeps a lot by default!), and she wasn't too keen on it. Neither was I, so I've switched it off again.

My camera is back! :D My preciousssss... and now I'm off to do some washing up, yo.

P.S. How Shi Sung Chung, my mobile has been upgraded from SPV C500 to an SPV C600. It has a better camera, and better settings too. Shiny!