Camera, take 3

Got my camera back today.

...And I just phoned to book it in for a repair for the third time... :/

This time you could even see a white dot on the display, after taking the picture. Placed at 1599x814 pixles. The other ones, that are not so bright, are at 1360x1222, 1188x699 and 900x609.

If only I had noticed it right from the start, eh?

Oh well. This time it'll be assessed and see if it can warrant a replacement or something like that. Fingers crossed! At least now I'm home so can phone DHL up for a collection straight away.

On the plus side, yesterday we got some curtains from ASDA. Tried putting them up. They were way too big. A 72" drop works out at the same level as where the radiator finishes, and a 90" drop, which they were, works out covering half the livingroom. Went back to have them replaced for the smaller size, but even though they were of a 66" width instead of 90", they had a 90" drop.

Didn't fancy any of the other ones there, but was happy to settle for some cheaper cream coloured curtains. Ended up getting some shopping and a refund for the curtains, and then went to a curtain place in Ruddington instead. Now we have some modern curtains which I'll just have to wait and get an opinion on. Saw some really nice other curtains as well though, so might go back and have a look at those as well.