On Feb. 21st I ordered "The Most Haunted House in England" by Harry Price costing £5.99 through Today, I received it - or so I thought, until I opened the package and discovered it contained "Wings of War: Fighting the Flying Circus" by Edward V. Rickenbacker. As it happens, it's a book that makes an alright gift for my father, so was going to keep it. However, as I was going back to the site to order it again through the same company, they no longer sell it. The people who do charge just over £30 for it. I'm not a happy consumer!

[Snape] You know, today I'm in a great mood :D
[Traxy] yay!
[Traxy] so was I, but I'm a bit grumpy now
[Snape] why grumpy? we have to remedy that
[Traxy] you could bitchslap strandbooks! they sent me the wrong book!

And what did I receive? This:

*giggle* Thanks, sweety! :D

P.S. It's my last day at work tomorrow. Yay!