Or so I thought...

So I got the camera back... and I thought things went okay, but on a couple of picture, there were two bright spots, but they didn't seem to be on the other pictures... or so I thought. Yes they were. Actually. On every single picture since it came back from repair.

This time, it's actually THREE spots. Two very bright and one that's not-so-bright. Placed at 1854x873, 808x1255 and 806x1497. Great.

The reason I spotted it was because a few nights ago, there was a full moon, and a lunar eclipse at that! Armed with tripod and camera, I marched outside. It's very tricky trying to find a quite dark spot in the sky on a dark viewfinder. Took ages before I managed to locate it, and then ages to get it in some kind of focus. No picture was fantastically great, but a few were alright-ish.

When I got them on the computer, and browsed through them the next day, I noticed that even though the moon was all over the place, there were a number of spots that stayed in the exact same place, picture after picture. As I said, the moon was in different positions in every picture so they aren't stars, if that's what you thought. There are a few stars on some of the pictures, because guess what? They moved with the moon!

Investigation ensued. Even though it had a myriad of spots on the moon pictures, when trying to replicate that, I could only find those three spots that I mentioned above. But three pixel fault areas are still three pixel fault areas that shouldn't be there. So now I've booked it in for another repair... :/