The nocturnal adventures of Elbie

Elbie: Catching up on some well-deserved sleep, seeing as how I was out all night protecting our territory against intruders. You're welcome, by the way.

Me: Elbie's catching up on some sleep after making his humans NOT sleep very well at all, because he didn't show up to be let in last night, nor did he come when called, and we were worried sick something had happened to him and that being the reason for his uncharacteristic absense.

This morning, after Monkey had been given his drugged-up tuna breakfast, I left the back door open and continued preparing human breakfast. There was a noise of a cat eating biscuits, and when I looked over to double-check ... there was a red tail. The prodigal son had returned! So today I'm being Bad Mami and keeping the back door shut, but neither cat seems to mind. They're both happily dozing in separate rooms.

EDIT: Bad Mami relented around lunchtime, because me getting something to eat woke the cats ... who then wanted to go outside. Elbie did agree to being summoned tonight and we can now sleep soundly knowing he's safely inside the house with us. Plus we should be getting his awesome bedtime cuddles! :)