Feline non-recognition aggression is a thing

So hey, apparently there's a thing called "feline non-recognition aggression" which is pretty common when a cat returns from a hospital visit. Basically, the other cat (who stayed at home, a.k.a. Elbie) doesn't recognise the smell of the other cat and feels threatened. Speaking from personal experience here, lots of hissing and growling ensues.

It should settle down after a few days, but there are a few things you can do to help them get along. Feliway is one, wiping the "intruder" with wet cloth to get rid of the hospital scent is another, keeping them separate and slowly reintroduce them a third, and so on.

Fun times!

On the plus side, Monkey has been on me most of the day - starting out with sleeping on me in bed (which I have missed the past few days), then being in my lap for most of the rest. He's had more lap time than usual, and that's saying something! He was also a good boy earlier and had his meds, so hoping to repeat that in about an hour or so.