The medical adventures of Monkey

Oh, sweet little Monkeypoops. In mid-July, he was seeming a bit off and I discovered he had a bald lump on his chin. Took him to the vets - he had an abcess (perhaps he'd been getting a bit too rough and tumble with Elbie, who knows). They lanced it and he was given penicillin and painkillers and within a couple of days he was back to his normal self.

Late last night as I was going to the loo, I discovered him in front of the litter trays. Gave him a cuddle, but he seemed very lethargic and not wanting to move. Went to get some treats to see if he was interested in eating, and he showed some interest, but moved very hesitantly and slowly. He licked his bum several times and he also tried to go to the tray and straining but nothing was happening. Seemed like constipation or something, but because he was seeming uncomfortable and in pain, I phoned the vets.

If it was constipation, they advised he would need to be seen, but not as urgently as if it was a urinary blockage. As I couldn't say either way, they advised bringing him in. So, well past 2am, we drove to the vet hospital (the one where Daisy was taken) where he was seen by a vet, who diagnosed it as a urinary tract issue. Luckily, we caught it at a point where it wasn't critical. They took him in for observation, and when they phoned this morning it was to say that a muscle relaxant hadn't worked (in case of a muscle spasm causing his inability to urinate), so they'd put in a catheter, and there were some crystals in the pee. Fortunately it went in okay, but they're still observing him to see if the blockage has been removed, and so on, but he's still going to be in hospital for a couple of days.

Our poor little guy. :(

Phoned the vets to check on him and they said he was comfortable, if a bit drowsy. Just grateful that when he's feeling unwell, you can REALLY tell, meaning you can get him to the vets in time before it reaches a critical stage.

Get well soon, sweetheart!