Am doing my third assessment on Sunday. :) Hopefully, I'll pass it like I did the previous two, and that means I only have one left, and we're trying to set a date - hopefully next week. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping for the best.

Hoping for the best in regards to trying to find another job... not so good. Went to an interview last Monday, which is the second time I've been for an interview there. First time was last March, I think it was. They really liked me then, but alas, I was not what they were looking for in a Video Editing Consultant. This time, they really liked me again... but hired a couple of other people for their tech support. Okay, I get the picture, I'm not meant to work in tech support heaven.

I'm just hoping my slight inability to find a decent job (I'M - NOT - WILLING - TO - WORK - IN - A - CALL CENTRE - EVER - AGAIN!!!) is so that I can finish ACT2 and become a certified animal communicator and do that for a living, and get those diplomas in parapsychology and counselling skills that I'm studying for. Earn a living doing what I'm good at and what I love doing.

Right now I'm exceedingly tired. Not enough sleep (and damnit I was gonna go to bed at least an hour ago!) and a depression to boot. Yes. My reason for resigning, as written on my notice, is this:

"I have been feeling very depressed over the past few months, and the work atmosphere has not been conducive to my mental health or relationship. I feel that this will only get worse for me if I continue where I am, and have therefore decided to be proactive about it."

I'm not joking. Look at Wikipedia: Clinical Depression symptoms I score about 70-80% on the two lists of symptoms there. *turns to camera* "Great".

Oh, and by the way, today, I called to have my digital camera repaired. But I'll tell ya more about that tomorrow, because I really need to haul myself into bed now.