Random acts of texting

As I've got a new phone (well, new to me!), I've transferred stuff from my old one. Thought I'd share some random text messages. A day in the life of Traxy's phone...

On staff satisfaction surveys at work: "Had 2 fill in staff satisfaction survey so just leavin. Funny Qs like would i recommend work 2 others, do i believe survey results will make a diff.. Comedy!"

After having a Stage 1 Meeting at work: "Beaurocracy r0xx0rz, i love my employer so much i want 2 have its babies. :]"

After finding myself crying as I left work a few weeks ago and needed someone to talk to: "I think "mentally fragile" sums it up. :("

Would I recommend my workplace to friends? Not if I want to keep them. ;)

On people considering buying iPods: "NO IPOD!! I DARE U! Any other brand but f-in ipod!!"

Visiting Shropshire: "Got here around 6, not good mobile reception in middle of nowhere. lots of stars tonite! Beautiful surroundings n ludlow is insanely charming!"

Umbrellas are good things to have: "Hows lunch? Mine loox 2 b umm.. Wet. Ho hum. need 2 get a litte brolly that fits in bag so always available. Yes."

On LCI Travel: "Argh! phone rang. We've just been taken off the lci travel phone list... Again! ffs!" (One day, I shall tell you that story...)

On travelling to Norrköping: "Slept most of bus down + plane so am not insanely tired. Just..quite tired."

On walking down Lenton Lane: "Its less borin if u txt, listen 2 music or roleplay when walkin. Or talk but that reqs company 4 phone just get a lot of pantin when u fat."

In Narborough, realising I had left all my animal photos at home: "Never assume. It makes an 'ass' out of 'u' & 'me'. like assumin envelope w pics was in writin pad. In narboro w8in & all pics r @ home. Wtg me! X( got a pic of fred & sum of daisy on phone tho. Was gonna d/l mo by wap but no save pic option there! :(" Luckily, we didn't actually need them for that weekend anyway!

Some other ones I like as well, but they're in Swedish...