Aiming for the Oscar

"I have a child. I named him Oscar, because it'll be my only chance of ever getting one." - Ulla Skoog (the original is Swedish)

This year's Oscars have passed. Didn't see all of it, just saw the highlights program on Sky. No, correction, I saw most of it, not all of it. It would be fun to win an Oscar. Actually, winning any kind of award would be pretty awesome, but the Oscar... well, it's a prestige thing, you know?

My path to the red carpet would be by writing a script. I have plenty of ideas, I just need to structure them and make them into something else than just a concept. First of all, I thought I should write script. I have a book called The Writer's Guide to Writing Your Screenplay by Cynthia Whitcomb (Amazon). It's very informative, so now I've got some very good pointers on how to go about structuring it.

The thing is, do I have the confidence to write my own screenplay? Who knows? I thought a good way of prooving to myself I can do it, is to convert one of my silly fanfic stories about Modern Talking into an actual manuscript format. So far it's almost an hour long, and I still have part 6 left to convert, and about half of part 5, so it looks as if I'm going to make it into a full-length movie, even if it might not even reach 90 minutes. Anything from 70 minutes and up will do, and I'm pretty sure I can make that. If not, I'll have to make some adjustments.

So why am I doing this? Because I figure if I can prove to myself I've already written a full-length manuscript, there's nothing stopping me from writing another one. I've already done it once, therefore I can do it again. Sure, "What Goes Around, Comes Around, Dieter" is an exceedingly silly story and nothing anyone would ever look at, but that doesn't matter. I want to prove to myself I have the ability to write a whole movie, even if it's one that would never ever be made in a million years.

I've brought my expectations down already. Last NaNoWriMo I kinda proved I couldn't write 50k words in 30 days, so I'm ditching the book idea for now. A movie script is shorter in length, and therefore feels more doable. Although, to my defense, my idea for NaNo 2006 (my first ever NaNo, but I'm guessing it won't be the last) hit the floor the very first day, and I had to come up with a new idea, and all of that sort of threw me. Maybe one day I'll continue with my story of the time-travelling imp. We'll have to wait and see. In the mean time, I have a movie to write and an Oscar to win! (Well, you know what they say, "aim high" and all that.)

P.S. DHL picked up the camera this Monday, so now I'll just have to wait and see what happens. I have no idea when it'll be returned, or if it's the same one but fixed, a new/refurbished one or a completely new one. Really wouldn't say no to the S6500...