Annual vet visit #3

When you have help, it's fairly easy to box up a couple of cats! :)

Elbie made his objections known all the way to the vets, with Monkey occasionally chiming in. Nothing unusual there, then. What was more unusual was this morning, when Elbie came for a cuddle. He loves snuggling up to Furdaddy, and while his purrs are normally on the discreet side (Monkey is loud, Daisy was even louder), this morning he really turned the volume up. A good, long cuddle it was too.

This time Elbie got to go first. While being a bit squirmy, he wasn't quite as uncooperative as he has been previous years. He weighed in - once we got all four paws on the scales - at 4.49 kg, which is similar to last year. Vet was happy with his condition and said he seemed fine, gave him his booster and a worming tablet and he could then retreat back into the travel crate.

Monkey was very unwilling to leave the safety of his travel crate. We tried tipping him out of it, but he held on with his claws. Once unhooked, he weighed in at 5.75 kg, which is similar to when he was weighed back in August. Told the vet he seems fine and back to normal since his hospital visit, and once checked over, boosted and de-wormed, he was also happy to go back into his travel arrangements.

Mentioned that Elbie is very active and spends most of his time outside, while Monkey mainly stays inside and is less active ... unless it's summer and he's outside chasing butterflies. On the plus side, I recently got a ball-chase speedway thing to keep them entertained and Monkey has taken to playing with it quite regularly, which is good.

It might just be that Elbie likes being outside simply because that way he doesn't have to deal with Monkey as much, because it does seem like Monkey likes to play with Elbie more than Elbie wants to be played with. However, if the door is kept closed and both are inside, they do seem to get along. Found them both on the bed (not together, obviously) the other day. It's as if they do that sort of thing as long as they're not spotted - and as soon as they are, they go to separate beds. Cats, eh?

But yes, all in all, the vet visit was pretty quick and went fine. Let's hope we won't have to go there again until October next year!