Annual vet visit #4

Closed the café early so we could get home and get the boiler looked at - and take the boys to the vet. When getting nearer the time I got Monkey fairly easily into the travel box. Elbie ... not so much. Got him in the bedroom and wrestled quite a lot to get him in, and he wouldn't have any of it. NONE. After some struggling, we both went downstairs, and lured by the sound of the back door, I picked him up and wrestled him into the box - finally! He complained all the way to the vets, of course.

He went first, and was kind of cuddly, but was very squirmy trying to get him on the scales (4.34 kg eventually). Overall, he's in a good condition, if a bit highly strung (he's used to being outside most of the time, and here's us having a change of industry which means he's inside for nearly all week), and he had some gunk on his teeth. Seeing as how he mainly gets biscuits to eat, it's not too concerning, but might want to consider taking him in to get his teeth cleaned. When it was time for the booster he was growling and hissing and generally being a very angry cat, and very close to biting. The vet decided to let him back in the box to calm down.

Monkey had to be dragged out of his (so what else is new?), but put up with the examination without a fuss. His ears showed a little more wax than is usual, but no mites or anything. Teeth in good order. He was 5.57 kg, so he's dropped a little in weight, but I was advised to give him a little less food, seeing as how they're now fed using the chip feeder and their food is actually weighed.

They were both given a flea treatment/wormer combo, and sent on their merry way.