Annual vet visit booked!

The boys are now booked in for their annual vet appointment.

I'll definitely discuss Monkey's weight with them, because while the vet last year wasn't concerned, I'm sure he's put more weight on since then, so now I'M concerned. I wake up most mornings with him happily asleep on my hip, which I love and adore, but he's heavy enough to give me a back ache. While I can't turn around in bed without going "oww" is unfortunate, I'm more concerned about him. He weighs a ton, seriously, and I want a vet's take on it.

As for Elbie, he might weigh slightly more than last year, but that's only because he's filled out into a proper adult cat size now, so his weight is of no concern. I will discuss his tendency to over-groom, though. He never does it to the point where the skin goes raw and bleeds, it's just that he licks away the hair, and it seems to be a cyclical thing. In the autumn, his belly will get a full coating of hair and then around Christmas, it starts to go again.

At any rate, I want to make sure there's nothing physically wrong with either of them.