Annual vet visit #2

Surprisingly, both boys were actually quite easy to get into the travel crates. In the car on the way over, they (mostly Elbie) sang the song of their people.

To give Elbie some time to settle down, Monkey went first. He didn't want to get out (like last year), but was very well-behaved when being checked over. He weighed 5.7 kg (+0.5 kg from last year's checkup). I asked the vet for suggestions, and she said he could be given diet food or senior cat food (also less calorific), but we'd need to keep an eye on Elbie's weight at the same time, so that he doesn't go ultra-slim.

She also said that the problem with restricting foods for cats is that if they're hungry and feel they're not getting enough food, they'll make sure to get it in other ways. Either by going to other houses and demand a feed or by hunting - and the Monkey does like to hunt. So it's tricky business. On the other hand, she wasn't concerned for him right now, but more as a precaution for the future, so that he doesn't develop diabetes. On the other hand, considering they're both on a grain free, low-carb diet, that should be a good way to lowering the risk anyway, which is why I'm a bit hesitant to go out and buy random diet or senior food - most foods out there are quite bad ingredient-wise ... including the premium brands. Daisy had a much easier time with hairballs after switching from Hill's Senior Anti-hairball food to Applaws, which doesn't make any particular claims about reducing hairballs or anything like that. But I digress. Fortunately, there's not a lot they can catch from eating butterflies, though, so that's good!

I held him close as I was talking to the vet, and he seemed to like that. When he got a bit too close to Elbie's travel cage, Elbie swiped at him and hissed. He got his booster shot, a worming tablet, and had already been checked over, so he went back into his travel cage with what seemed like relief.

Elbie was not a happy bunny. He growled, but managed to be quiet long enough for the vet to listen to his heart and lungs. He weighed 4.5 kg (I think, which is +0.7 kg), but the vet agreed with me that it was because he's filled out from a lanky teenager into an adult cat's body, and it's fine. I mentioned the over-grooming, and suggested I use Feliway to see if that helps, which I had recently thought of doing. I got a couple of diffusers and used when they first moved in, so just need to find them and get some refills. I could also give him a capsule of something which is a serotonin precursor, essentially giving him happy pills I guess, but I'm a bit hesitant. Will see how he does with Feliway first.

Stress and anxiety can lead to urinary tract problems, which is worse in male cats than females apparently. I've not noticed him having any toilet issues, which is good, but preventative measures are better than emergency treatments after the fact. Maybe I'll try the Bach Rescue Remedy again as well. It could be something like him being unsettled by us putting up a Christmas tree, which is why it seems to recur in the weeks before Christmas. An eye is kept on him, at any rate.

He also got his booster and a worming pill and then jumped on the floor rather than back in his travel cage, so I had to pick him up and help him inside. While he still sang the song of his people in the car on the way back, it wasn't nearly as much as on the way there.

But yeah, basically, they are both perfectly healthy three-year-old cats and fingers crossed they won't have to see the vet until this time again next year. :)