Update on Daisy #2

When we went to see Daisy yesterday, she seemed okay, and she had a pulse in her left leg finally. We agreed with the vet to give her until Saturday to see if there would be a pulse in the right one, as we were told she wouldn't survive an amputation.

On the scan, they found a slight heart defect, and on x-rays, she had a couple of big masses in her lungs, so she wouldn't have lived through surgery, and it wouldn't be fair on her either, being rather old. They couldn't confirm lung cancer without a biopsy, but she wouldn't have long to live even if she pulled through the embolism.

We thought maybe if she survived this, we could take her home and let her spend however much time she had left at home (they said she wouldn't be in pain from the lungs). But that was if she got a pulse in her right leg, because the leg needed to be alive.

This morning, the vet phoned to say that she'd had a bad night. They'd tried to reduce the diuretics (that kept fluid from her lungs), but they had to increase it again and put her on oxygen, and a while there it was touch and go, to the point where they were on the verge of calling us, but with the oxygen, she picked up a little.

There was still no pulse in her right leg this morning, so we went in to say goodbye, as she might not live through another night. She seemed to take it in her stride. She looked very comfortable on the bed she was in, and I had the bed on my lap in the end. She passed away peacefully while we both stroked her gently. It seemed she took the decision for us in the end, and she seemed at peace. Now her struggle is over and she finally gets to rest.