Update on Daisy #1

Daisy has been diagnosed with a feline aortic thromboembolism (or something like that). Her potassium was a tad high but still within range, so they're keeping an eye on it. White blood cell count was a bit high, indicating an infection or inflammation, so she's on antibiotics for that. As well as being on a drip for fluids, she's on Methadone (!) for pain management, which has made her more comfortable, if completely stoned ... We went to see her today, and while she was woozy, she seemed to like us touching her.

They're still trying to figure out the cause - likely either an undiagnosed heart condition or a tumour somewhere - but nothing conclusive yet. Her left leg is slightly warmer today and has some feeling in it. She's tried to move around a little as well, which is good.

When I phoned this evening there wasn't really anything new to tell, but they've said to take it day by day and they're trying to keep her comfortable while trying to find the cause. If they find they can no longer keep her comfortable, then they won't go any further.

I brought in a little pillow for her, one mum made especially for her, so she'd have something smelling of home, and they said it was great because they wanted to keep a part of her slightly elevated. We're going to check back tomorrow and hope there are some news.