Total Sensory Overload, or why Rock City doesn't work for me

I can just about deal with being upstairs in a pub drinking with friends for a few hours. Quite enjoyed it too, as it happens. :) Then the group decided to go to Rock City, a rock themed nightclub kinda thing in Nottingham. I had previously voiced my concerns about going there to Dearest Husband, but tried being a sport anyway. (Having had a few drinks helped.)

As soon as we had got inside, heavy metal blaring, I had the urge to back away. But didn't. Can't really bail out in the foyer on my first ever visit, that would be silly, right?

So I stuck to it. Went upstairs, lots of noise and lights and smoke machines. Went to the bar. What did I fancy? To be honest, a bus ride home. Settled for a J├Ągerbomb (J├Ągermeister and Red Bull - I could totally have more of that), which then turned into a double (DH opted for a Kopparberg :D pear cider so I got to finish his drink), in my efforts of becoming catatonic and not care where I was.

Well, that didn't work.

After standing to one side for a bit, I was then dragged onto the dancefloor, which I managed for ... not that long, as I was struggling not to start crying. Then I hit the point where I could no longer stop myself, and ran out of the room, closely followed by DH who offered a shoulder to cry on (which also worked as a partial sound barrier), wondering what was up. "It's too much!" was the only thing I managed to say, trying to pull myself together.

Concerned friends had joined us by this time, and wondered what had happened. Nothing, really. Kudos to roleplayers for being awesome though. They just went "okay, fair enough" at my explanatory sobbing and didn't try anything silly like saying "it's not that bad, surely" or words to that ilk. Appreciate it, guys, cheers. :)

How do you explain something you don't fully understand yourself? Yes, I get the bit about the central nervous system, but experiencing it in person is different. I don't quite know why I get the sudden urge to run away and cry the very few times I've been to nightclubs. I just do. Which is why I don't go to them.

Oh well, at least I can say I've been to Rock City now. Not that I'm ever planning on going back. I'll stick to sitting quietly in a corner in a pub instead; that'll do me.

And this post has only been nearly two months in the making, but there ya go.