I'm an introvert - who'd a-thought it?

After reading the excellent blog post by IfByMe entitled I am Introvert, hear me speak in a reasonable tone of voice!, to which I agree wholeheartedly, I followed one of the links to do a test about Extroversion/Introversion. Lo and behold the results:

Your result for The Introversion/Extroversion Test... You are an introvert!

73 Introverted, 7 Extroverted and 21 Balanced!

You are the philosopher, the scientist, the architect. You love to analyze and draw conclusions just for the sake of knowledge. You seek information and stimulation for your own mind. You are unconventional, innovative, and have a vivid imagination.

Because you are so involved with your own ventures, however, you may tend to forget about others around you. Keep in mind that there is a world beyond your own thoughts, but don't abandon your brilliant mind.

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Why am I not in the least surprised by this result?