Hello, I'm TraXy and I'm a recording artist

Don't believe me?

Go to Google. Type in "traxy lyrics" in the search field and see what happens. About 930 results. A lot of which actually has to do with me, believe it or not, but I have no idea why.

YES, I wrote the lyrics to a song called "Dr. Evil". It's a song Dieter makes up on the spot in one of my Modern Talking fanfics, which is why the lyrics are very... how do I put this politely... they're very Bohlen-esque.

YES, I wrote the lyrics to a song called "Forget It Not", which is about the Burning Times (= the witch burnings).

However, when the hell did I become an artist who had released actual songs??? And those two songs in particular? I really don't get it. I also have no idea how come two of my song lyrics have ended up on a whole load of those lyrics sites... and not just that, why those two in particular? It's not as if I haven't written more than those two and put them on my website for webcrawlers to come across.

Mystery to me.

And in the meantime, people can stumble across the lyrics of two of my songs on pretty much any lyrics site. Flattering, sure, but umm... why? *scratches head*