Bloodsugar Blues

So we're on a GI diet as of the Monday just gone, and now we're getting a bit bored. I'm getting bored because there's a lot of preparation involved and lots of preparation means lots of stuff that needs washing up afterwards. Lots of praparation also means getting up earlier in the morning, and I'm not a morning person. But mainly, it's because we're having weird stuff. Sure, it's stuff I'd like to eat anyway, but... there's a difference. I wouldn't serve a salmon steak with lettuce and hollandaise sauce, for instance (Monday's dinner). Not if I had a choice. If there was a sauce involved, I'd probably rather go for a béarnaise instead, or just a dollop of mayo, or nothing at all. Hollandaise isn't the tastiest sauce in the world. There would also be lettuce - sure - but chips or something to go with it. Tuesday's dinner was better - pork chop with oven-cooked veg. It was actually very tasty! Tonight we had a fish soup with aioli. It was alright.

Some things I wouldn't mind continuing with even after we finish this, like having yoghurt with nuts and seeds for breakfast on some mornings. I quite like it. Or maybe I'd use some unsweetened muesli instead. Things we're having next week include eggs and mackerel in tomato sauce (tinned), and for lunch a soup of spinach, curly kale or nettles. I've had nettle soup once, wasn't a big fan. Not sure about those, really.

It's getting a bit frustrating. Nothing much seems to be happening on the scales as of yet (maybe would've seen more of a difference if we had got an accurate starting weight on Monday morning, which we didn't until Wednesday morning, because the scales turned out to not just be on the wrong surface (carpet as opposed to a hard floor) but also missing one of it's extra support feet, which made it wobble and thus giving an inaccurate reading, which I discovered on the Tuesday, when I brought it down to the kitchen to put it on a hard surface. So that's a bummer.

It's interesting to try and live according to a pre-set menu done by someone else, because that way, we get to taste things we normally wouldn't have chosen to eat. At the same time, it's also frustrating just because it's things we'd not normally choose to eat. We're sticking to the book's menu for week two as well, but as we're continuing phase one in week three, we'll either have to go back to using the first week's menu again (no thanks) or make our own. Making our own sounds a lot better, because yes, it'll still be weird things, but at least it allows us to make things more like we'd like them, and make Chinese, Indian or Thai stuff, for instance. No noodles, rice, prawn crackers, naan bread, pasta or anything like that, but still... things we can relate to a bit more.

We went swimming on Tuesday night, which was great. Not doing a lot of excercise aside from that, which we should, according to the book. It wants us to do a 30 min walk before breakfast in the morning, but quite frankly, having to get up an hour earlier to prepare stuff when not being a morning person to begin with... walking just en't happening. I'm lucky if I can motivate myself to crawl out of bed and put my dressing gown on! On the other hand, it doesn't have to be a walk, it can be some positions and movements instead, like pull-ups and such. Still, I'm busy prepping breakfast and possibly lunch at the time. If I didn't have to do that, sure, I could wake up half an hour earlier and do some bits in bed, but alas, no. If you don't do the half-hour in the morning, you can do an hour in the afternoon or evening instead. Swimming once a week isn't really the same, so we're going to have to bite the bullet and actually go join that gym after all.

If we get the excercise, the weight should come off quicker, after all. And the way I currently see it, the quicker we can get the weight to a more acceptable level, the sooner we can start integrating carbohydrates into our lives again. Funnily enough, I'm not craving cakes or chocolate or anything like that at the moment, but I could murder a smoothie! Seriously, I really fancy some fruit (berries), and probably some bread as well, I reckon. Cordial would suffice. But really... fruit. Sure, I can have an apple, a pear, an orange or a grapefruit twice in a week or so, but it's not the same. Don't fancy oranges and I don't like grapefruit. Grapes, on the other hand... Oh yes, and can't even have fruitjuice at the moment either. I like my Welch's.

So now I'll go sulk in a corner for a bit until I drop a few pounds and can be cheered up that way. Buggrit.