Customer call-back

Guess what?

Around noon, I actually received a phone call from The Tech Guys regarding the booking of that monitor. Tomorrow, is that all right? In the words of Mulder: Sure, fine, whatever. Just make sure they actually come to pick it up this time...

To be continued...

Also have had two spam callers today, which pisses me off. The first one was someone calling from France about an exhibition that would be on in our area on May 24. Porcelain, apparently. He wanted to speak to the man of the house, advised he was not around. Even though I said "oh no, we're busy that day, no can do", he would still call back later. Gah.

The second one was from eFinancial or something like that - they've called before. Every time, I've advised them that we're listed with the Telephone Preference Service, we do not wish to receive calls like that. This lady actually said she was just providing information, not selling anything. SAME SHIT DIFFERENT NAME! Providing information about a personal loan... not interested!! Sod the fuck off!