It's warm and again my toe has started playing up. It's been doing that for a few months now. It'll start hurting, then it'll hurt for a few days, and then it's like a blister on the side of the nail with yellow goo in. It looks as if it's the beginning of an ingrown toenail. Buggrit. Now I'll have to go see a doctor.

Been absolutely knackered all week. Was down south last weekend, at the Biggin Hill International Air Fair. It was my father's 60th birthday present, but he was in hospital and couldn't come. :( We'll have to go there next year so he can see it, because I think he'd really love it. Lots of planes everywhere. Also went to Brighton for the day. First time since January that I've seen the sea!

I miss the sea. The sea, oh the sea, it's geal grá mo chroí...

Been asleep most of the day. Got up at 11, then later, as we were watching the second half of the England/Paraguay game, I was lying down dozing... then went up to bed and probably slept for 3 hours. Was woken up just before "Dr. Who". At least I planted those tomatoe plants. Daisy was lying sleeping in the shadow on the lawn a majority of the day, now she's purring in my lap. Very warm and sunny today.

Have actually got a lot to write about today but I don't feel up to it.