I Aim To Misbehave

Soo. Ebdon vs Dott ended with Dott winning the match and the world champion title. Good on him! His first tournament title! Happy for him. Sad Alan McManus was beaten in the first round and thereby was kicked out of the top 16, but ho hum. I suppose now I know what it feels like to be a GAIS supporter. (Note to non-Swedes: GAIS is a football team from Gothenburg who very rarely win anything.)

Lots of things to do and lots of things to sort out, and in the week that commences in about 15 minutes, I have two things to look forward to. Tuesday, I have to be at work at 7:30 to attend training. So start half an hour earlier - but I finish 1½ hour earlier, so that's good. On Wednesday, I have a disciplinary hearing to attend, as the company I work for have a problem with people being ill from time to time. I've been having bad colds with fever in the past year (especially the past few months), and therefore been off one or two days on a few occasions, so now the procedure is to sit with people and defend myself for having been off sick when I've been ill. Does that strike anyone else as odd? Sure, I know they're just out to get those who take sick days all the friggin' time without being ill, but I mean, this is ridiculous. Then again, I don't feel very much like defending myself for it either.

Had a "back to work" meeting with one of our former Team Leaders in the week. He said "oh, but they're connected and yet you've never been to see a doctor. Why on earth not?" My response was an, "errr... because I don't class having a cold in April last year and then in November as being related, and why would I go to a doctor when I've only got a cold?" I mean, it's not exactly as if I've been off a whole week - that WOULD make me go to the doctor. It's been oh, I don't feel so good, but I'll go to work, and next day oh I feel a little too ill so I'll stay at home, and the next day (or day after), I go back to work. Why waste taxpayers money to go see a doctor who will say "go home and have some Lemsip and some rest"? Not like they give a damn. If you have a high fever for a week, yes, there might be an infection and you might need some medical treatment. If you have a common cold... I'm not going to waste their time or mine with that, because I think it's ridiculous. Our ex-TL kindly suggested maybe I should go and see the doctor before Wednesday, as that would "help my case" on Wednesday. Don't get me wrong, I do really really like that guy, he's a great bloke, but... why would I go to see a doctor when I'm not ill? And go to see a doctor for a common cold... that I don't even have at the moment? I don't get it.

OK, yes, it would "help" my case. Because if you've been ill a few times, oh then you're in trouble! At least if you work where I'm working! The thing is, I've stopped caring. So I'm in trouble for having been ill, well TOUGH. If they want to fire me, I'll do it the way Hollywood taught me, and say "you can't fire me, I QUIT!" anyway. It's not as if I'm planning an ongoing career at that place. Like that Ciao survey I answered the other day about work. On one of the questions, I remember having answered "I'm actively looking to leave". So there. They can say whatever they like, because quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of that place and can't wait to get out. So the old intimidation "cooperate and be a nice girl or there's the door" doesn't really work on me, as I don't want to be a nice girl and secondly, I've been giving that door longing glances ever since I started, more or less.

So whatever happens, happens.

Over and out.