Ebdon vs Dott

Very interesting game. As I'm not a sports commentator, I won't go into details, but in short, while writing this, am watching the World Snooker Championship final on telly. Peter Ebdon 13, Graeme Dott 15. If the rest of the frames continue like the 75 minute one, they'll still be playing by the time we get up in the morning!

It's 23:26, so first to 18 or first to collapse and fall asleep, I suppose.

Why haven't I written anything here since March? Weeeeell... there's that thing we call DDO... and that's time-consuming... and heaps of fun! :) OK, DDO = "Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach". Computer game, yeah? Good.

Our team on Lyrandar went through three quests we've never done before today - the last one was seriously psychedelic... with HUGE mushrooms. Next part is a "very long" (not just "long") level 4 quest, and since we're all just level 3, dunno if we're doing that next week or something else.

Might I say the rewards you get to choose from when completing all the Waterworks quests are AWESOME! Went with the Armour of the Unknown Soldier or summit like that, as it was a +1 Half Plate armour (which is what my Paladin's wearing normally) but with a +1 to Charisma, which is good, because the Lay On Hands thing goes off that, and also the Turn Undead doodad for Clerics. See, I think Briain de Bois Guilbert (the name "Brian" was taken) should become a Cleric at next level. We could so do with a Cleric to heal in the party. His single Lay On Hands is a bit too little, really.

Yes, I did name my Paladin after the Knight Templar in "Ivanhoe". Sam Neill played him in 1982. ;)

Still 13-15 and Ebdon's kids are sound asleep. And so should we be. Got work tomorrow after all. Hopefully the phones will be buggered from the building move. :)

P.S. And just as I posted, Ebdon potted the cueball, got a foul and Dott won the frame. 13-16 now!