I think my to-do list is a virus, because it feels as if it's mutating out of control. It's not like I don't get things done, it's just that more things keep being added. Even if I split stuff up. I have a massive one for SH, for instance, and another one with more day-to-day matters, another for spiritual stuff... Not to mention everyone I should call. I'd love to say "more often" in the end, but for me to say that, I would have to actually phone people to begin with, which I don't - it's not that I don't want to speak to people, it's just that I work all day and when I get home, I don't feel like picking up a phone as I've been on it all the friggin' day! Well instead I could write them letters. Which happens. Maybe. I send cards? I'm at work, that doesn't give you time for things you want to pay attention to and not have to be interrupted ever so often.

To anyone who feels slighted by me not being in contact much... well, I'm sorry, and I have my guilty conscience and all that. Send me an email. I normally am able to reply to those.

Tomorrow we will have to clean the house up and make it nice and tidy - got a viewing Monday and one on Thursday. Two in one week! Hey, fingers crossed!

Anyhoo. Played D&D online today, which was fun. Finally put some use to Zoula. :)