Beta? No, REALLY?

Hm. Don't quite know what to write but felt like writing something anyway.

Just discovered what was "Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)" is now "Windows Defender (Beta 2)". So let's try it! Have had two errors so far... Then again, when you think about it, it's their program to begin with that paved the way for spyware! Why not just fix the security issues in IE and Win instead of creating an antispyware program? Honestly!

Discovered Yahoo!Movies today. You could rate stuff and create lists. The filmography wasn't complete, when it came to Sam Neill, and some years were faulty ("Robbery Under Arms" was released in the early 1980s, NOT in 1999!). When you rated stuff, eventually it told you whether or not you were likely to like a movie or not. That was funny.

Must write some reviews there when I'm bored.