Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why OpenOffice Spreadsheet sucks

I wasn't going to install Microsoft Office this time around. I was going to happily stick with OpenOffice, like we use at work, as I like the whole opensource movement. Yes, even if I actually have a proper, licenced version of Office. :P However, might I point out that Microsoft Excel is a lot better than OpenOffice Spreadsheet?

For instance:

  • Autofilter on every sheet in MSE. Only on one sheet per document in OOS.
  • If you move formatted text in MSE, you also move the format. The format stays in OOS, making the wrong lines highlighted.
  • If you have the whole sheet in a particular font+size, moving a line from one place to another isn't going to change the font+size in the empty box... if you use MSE. OOS reverts back to Arial size 10, which somehow also manages to crash the date. If I have a nice "08/11/05" in the box, it will turn into 38954 or something if I put another line there.
  • If you select "print all" in OOS, expecting it to print out everything on that sheet (MSE), you are sorely mistaken, as it prints out ALL sheets in the document.

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