First of all, a great big Happy Birthday to Melanie! I hope your day has been nice! :) You'll be getting a card... well, as soon as the mail gets over there!

I'm in one of those times where I'm really tired, and at the moment, I'm really cold too. Can't put on the radiator in here, because umm... it's leaking. Should perhaps have a little hot bath to warm up in before going to bed. Need to go to bed early, as I have to work tomorrow. :( I hate working Saturdays!

Went shopping earlier, bought some paper and string to wrap them Yuletide gifts in. This year, we're going stylish, minimalist and, err, metallic. It should look quite nice. Also got some sort of beautifully red vase, so now I need to pop back to Hobbycraft and get some Xmassy fake flowers to put in there (it's not really a proper vase for real flowers). Can't do it in the next four weeks, as I've got a bit of a shift change temporarily, which means it will be closed by the time I finish. Maybe I could go there on a weekend? If I can't find my watercolours I shall have to go back and get some there, because otherwise that pad of watercolour paper I got last time will be of no use. Also need to sort out my little black book portfolio thing.

It's Bonfire Night tomorrow. The day Britain celebrates the maiming and slaughter of Guy Fawkes, who was going to blow up the House of Lords, but was caught. I find it slightly disturbing, to be honest. Okay, so he never got to do what he set out to do, but to celebrate his rather gory death? Creepy!

One thing about Bonfire Night, though. Fireworks. I'm as fond of fireworks as the next person, but in recent years, I do have one concern that makes me sceptic to them. Animals. A lot of them are very stressed out whenever it's a firework holiday, because the noise is loud and it scares them. Sure, they've now banned some things that were horrible, but there's still bangs going on for about a week surrounding any holiday containing firework displays! This I don't get at all. It's Bonfire Night tomorrow. So why have they been firing rockets the whole week? Save it for the night in question instead! It will make the suffering for our companions last only one night, instead of every night for a week.

On this very day last year, we got Fred from the RSPCA. He was definitely not a fan of fireworks, as he was lying on the sofa looking miserable all through Bonfire Night, and whenever I took him for a walk and there were fireworks going off here and there, he was very distressed. Daisy is pretty fine with a lot of things, although I am a bit worried to leave her alone with all that noise. She's been fine at Easter and New Year's before, but I prefer to keep her company just in case. Fred's now my mum-in-law's dog, but I remember how worried he was last year, and how cautious he was around New Year's as well. There are a lot of animals out there who are even more scared and distressed than him. My heart and thoughts go out to all of them on this cold November evening.

My feet are freezing.