No longer a wax virgin

Am I allowed to completely slag off b2evolution? Well, I'm taking that right now, actually. As someone who actually read my blog before could tell, I was using a system called b2evolution before I took my business elsewhere - to this place (Blogger/Blogspot). Apparently, it was as full of security holes as Windows, because someone used it to attack my web hotel's server. Delightful. That was the reason I got "file not found" when trying to access /blog, and explained why it was in my account's home directory and not where it should be. Anyhoo, it wasn't my fault, which I'm very happy about, but I'm still pissed off about the whole deal. First, I was lightly comment-spammed, then moderately trackback/pingback-spammed, and then heavily referrer-spammed, to the point of me going "aww, to hell with it!" ...But never got round to actually take it down. Until yesterday, that is. All fine and dandy now. Peace is restored.

I'm not much of a gamer at all, but I've actually pre-ordered one, believe it or not. Age of Empires III. I enjoy a game of AoE2 once in a while, so I figured I'd get AoE3. Legally 'n' all! Actually, I've bought two games this year, which is an all-time high. First, I came across SimCity 3000 for a very agreeable price at Morrisons. I love SC2000, but find SC4 too annoying. SC3k is wonderful. Better graphics than SC2k, but not as difficult and annoying as SC4. For the first time, I've actually managed to build a city that's making profit year after year! Without cheating! (Okay, so I cut the cost of building or whatever it was, for a while, but still...)

The other game I got was also really cheap. World Championship Snooker 2003. I just had to, that's my only excuse, because it's not a very good game, and there's no friggin' manual either. I'm sure it's somewhere on the CD itself, I just haven't been bothered to look for it yet.


For the first time in my life, I actually used some cold wax strips last night, after pampering myself in the bathtub. Sticky stuff, and a right hassle, because they weren't very effective. Possibly because my skin was still damp from the water. Still was a sticky hassle, though, not to mention it was quite painful. Using a razor is just so much quicker and easier and doesn't include pain, you know? Who invented this kinda crap anyway? Some masochistic bastard, no doubt. Still, I didn't do all of my legs, so I want to try the rest now that they're completely dry and see how it goes. The hair doesn't grow back as quickly, I've heard, and they're thinner as well, so in the long run, wax is better. Still hurts like feck, though.

I'm really glad I don't wear bikinis. If you know what I mean.