Indian infestation

First of all, a great big Happy Birthday to Erin! Hope your day has been nice! :)

Second of all, I'm quite happy because I found a course in animal communication that isn't TOO far from here, and I've signed up for it! Only a year after I first found it... It's just what I want to do, so I'm very excited. Have Thursday off, and will work this Saturday, as I traded with a co-worker who was supposed to work this Saturday. Instead, I'm working, and he's working instead of me when I'm off on the course/workshop doodad, as it's on a Saturday I was scheduled to work. I hate working Saturdays. Well, nice and relaxing, sure, but I'd rather be at home in bed than at work!

Spent the entire weekend sorting out the kitchen. Complete overhaul. Went to IKEA and got some nice jars, and later to ASDA to get some plastic containers. Had to throw a lot of stuff out as well. Why? Well, one day, there are these small, light-coloured (with a little black head) little larvae on the ceiling. Google finds all, of course, including our unwelcome visitors. Indian Meal Moth. So yeah, we've been busy the past weekend, you might say!

The funny thing is that before, we were complaining of how little space we had in the kitchen. Then we finally got around to buy some shelving (Grundtal from IKEA), and started putting things there, which was good. With the complete overhaul, we've managed to put a lot of things away and we still have space left! We're quite amazed, actually. Oh well, if we could only sort out the laundry as well, so that we don't have clothes in a big pile on the kitchen floor, it would be great.

Oh well. Managed to put up my latest contributions to my expensive pebble collection, as well as the least shite pictures from the Texas concert. I should really write a few words about it. Umm. So here goes: it was fab. Absolutely great. And there were so many of them! Jaysus, like 7 people! And all you ever see is Sharleen Spiteri. Not that I'm complaining, though.

Right, I'm off to bed. See ya next time!


BBC Nottingham has a concert review, and I agree with what it says, so if you want the nitty gritty details, until I can be bothered to write about them.