Suddenly he's the slimmer of the year

I took Monkey to the vets last week, because he's looking a lot slimmer now than he used to. This is technically a very good thing, because he needed to lose weight, but when you've not really done anything differently to promote this, such as changing food or quantity of food, you get concerned. Unexplained weightloss is generally not considered a good sign.

The vet checked him over thoroughly and said that he seems perfectly fine. A weigh-in revealed him to be 25 grams (0.88 oz) less than at their annual in October, and 25g really isn't much of a weight loss at all. I think he had started to lose weight before then, though, and he had just eaten before we left. (Speaking of which, he really didn't want to go and complained in the car all the way there. Bless.)

The advice she gave me was that we could check him again in a month's time, and maybe take a blood sample to check kidney and liver function (a tumour wouldn't show up anyway) if I really wanted to be on the safe side, but to all intents and purposes, he's a healthy 3.5-year-old and still on the heavy side, to be honest.

But I'm keeping an eye on him. I wasn't paranoid enough with Daisy, and I'd rather be safe than sorry. Although, I spoke to the vet about her, and even if I had brought her in earlier, any changes when listening to her chest could just as easily have been interpreted as old age rather than anything serious.

How's Elbie? He was caught in a sudden flurry of hail about twenty minutes ago and took shelter in the cat (dog) house in the garden. I called him, but he didn't want to run through the hail to come inside. As soon as it let up a bit, he came running, and is now looking out the window next to me, and just gave me a look to say "okay, it stopped - can I go back out now?"