And no net ensnares me!

It's summer so we have the small top/ventilation window open. This was left open as we went away for a few hours, but the cats have always ignored it anyway. In bed, trying to sleep, I hear a meow ... from outside. It's Elbie.

We don't recall him shooting past us as we came in the door this evening, and he was definitely there when I left the house (when he came in around 3pm, I shut the back door to make sure he was inside for when I was going out a bit later). The bug/pollen filter cloth on the bedroom window had fallen down, I noticed when coming to bed, but that's not unusual. The blinds are normally down but I left them only halfway down so they could look out the window - and because I had already needed to put it back once today.

Anyway, I let him in. Two minutes later, he's at the window pawing at the cloth, trying to get out again. I pull the blinds down, he tries to go around it. So I guess now we sleep with windows closed at night. :/ Also closed the bathroom window so he doesn't give that one a try instead. He can be out all day long (and he is) but at night, I want them all safely inside, and apparently that now requires windows to be shut.